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September 11
Kentucky Simmental Fall Sale
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For Sale: Simmental’s American Journey Books by Dr. Bob Hough $25 plus shipping or books will be available for purchase at the KY Beef Expo

The Kentucky Simmental Association (KSA) has been a long time supporter of the Simmental industry. Not only does the KSA support the industry within the states and its members, but the KSA plays host to some of the largest events in the breed such as the NAILE Simmental Show & Sale each November. With Kentucky being one of the largest beef producing states east of the Mississippi River, the beef industry in Kentucky plays a major role in Agriculture and the livelihood of many of our residents.

The KSA isn't just for adults. The Kentucky Junior Simmental Association has always been showcased on the local, state, and national level through its young exhibitors. Each year numerous young Simmental breeders attend events such as the Eastern Regional, the National Classic, and finish the summer at the Kentucky State Fair.
No matter if you are a breeder of 10 head of 100 head, the Kentucky Simmental Association hopes to support its members in many facets of the beef industry.